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Copyrights is committed to ensuring the privacy of visitors to our homepage (“this site”), and has taken all appropriate precautions in regards to the collection and handling of any user’s personal information.
1. Use of personal information
This site will not collect any user’s personal information other than as required to sufficiently answer inquiries or requests to Copyrights through this site. You will be notified beforehand if this site requires your personal information for any other purpose.
2. Third parties.
Copyrights will never supply your personal information to any third parties, excepting:
A. if required by law.
B. with your express permission.
3. About SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
This site makes use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) software to protect your personal information. SSL is an Internet-based encryption protocol. Any personal information such as your name, address, or other contact information submitted to this site will be encrypted in such a manner that even if any third party manages to intercept it the information will be unreadable to them. Please be aware you may not be able to access this site or submit any such personal information to this site from a browser that does not support SSL.
4. Disclaimer
This Privacy Policy is effective only for this site. Copyrights cannot accept any responsibility for your personal information on sites operated by third parties linked to from this site.