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Copyrights Asia was registered in 1956, and as an international merchandising agent for writers and artists, currently represents many classic properties such as Betty Boop™, Popeye™, and Paddington Bear™. We are a pioneer in the Japanese licensing industry and since our establishment continue to represent a number of iconic properties including Charles Chaplin™.
With our specialist knowledge of intellectual property law and extensive domestic and global connections, we maintain licences for merchandising, promotions, events and retail development for a wide range of writers, artists, characters, artwork, and brands.
In a new departure and to build on our success while responding to changing times, Copyrights Asia continues to pave the way for even more exciting opportunities for our licensee partners and the property owners we represent.
We are always seeking new properties to add to our line-up and to complement our existing list of classic brands. We look forward to hearing from you.


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