Japan is renowned for its rich culture of clothing, food, and housing, along with many traditional techniques introducing beauty.  This cultural heritage is praised internationally for its ability to continue in timeless fashion, influencing the present in a variety of ways.
The WAGA brand designs represent this rich traditional culture.  The first series of designs, featuring Nihon-shu ‘sake’ labels, is inspired by the labels of the much-loved Japanese drink.
WAGA will continue to seek new value for unique Japanese traditions and through licensing convey to the world the appeal of these traditions.

■Nihon-shu Brand Label Collection
The Nihon-shu brand labels in this collection come from Inata Honten, a famous traditional sake brewery established in 1673 in Japan and from Kochi Shuzo, a sake brewery using the clear, fresh waters of the Niyodo River, renowned in Japan for its purity.

INATAHIME ( Inata Honten)

SUIRAI( Inata Honten)

TAKI-ARASHI(Kochi Shuzo)

NIYODOGAWA ( Kochi Shuzo)

■Images of Potential Merchandise