Suwahara Hiroyuki

The work of illustrator Hiroyuki Suwahara focuses mainly on the Sengoku (Warring State) period in Japan.  His attractive artwork uses fine detail and bold strokes to portray life-like samurai, capturing their formidable poise as well as the intricate beauty of their armour.  Suwahara’s work is also infused with samurai spirit, the drive of the courageous yet sensitive warriors, and their life force.

In Japan, Suwahara’s artwork been licensed widely and has appeared in promotions, games, and publications.  Outside of Japan, Copyrights Asia is developing licences worldwide for this talented illustrator who communicates the appeal of Japanese history in these modern times.

Born in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1969, Suwahara started his career as an illustrator in 1996.
His work includes characters for games such as Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors,  and artwork for Coca-Cola’s Georgia can coffee “Sengoku Bushi” series.
Suwahara holds exhibits at historical events and creates posters nationwide, gaining him many fans across Japan and throughout Asia.
He does not limit himself to one genre though, continuing to produce a wide range of works from auspicious dieties to powerful monsters.

■ Hiroyuki Suwahara – Main Artwork Themes
Sengoku Period
Illustrations depicting the strong Japanese samurai as they fought through the Sengoku Period.

Records of the Three Kingdoms
Artwork based on the Records of the Three Kingdoms, which depicts the historical infighting between the three Chinese kingdoms of Wei, Shu, and Wu, that gives a true taste of this rich period in history.

Late Edo Period and other historical times
Works focusing on the late Edo Period and other historical times and legends from around the world.

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