POPEYE by Shinzi Katoh

Japanese zakka designer Shinzi Katoh, with an ever-growing worldwide following, has created new artwork featuring Popeye.
Popeye is known to pack a punch; however, with Shinzi Katoh’s unique soft touch, a new gentle side to Popeye can be enjoyed.  Men and women alike love this American character, licensee will love the wide target potential.
Shinzi Katoh says that when he saw Popeye for the first time on an old black-and-white TV, he thought Popeye was an amazing hero from a distant land.  Shinzi Katoh is very excited to have had this opportunity to work with Popeye and wants the whole world to feel the same way he did when he first met the lovable sailorman.

Popeye Official Website(in English)
Shinzi Katoh Official Website (in Japanese)