Lotta Jansdotter

Lotta Jansdotter is a US-based textile designer.  Many of her books have been published in the USA and Japan and her urbane designs and unique lifestyle inspirations attract a lot of attention.
Lotta takes her inspiration from nature to create her patterns and warm colors.
Lotta’s aesthetic is deeply rooted in her childhood experience by the ocean and in the forest, and she uses basic methods such as potato printing and simple sewing that she learned as a child to develop her designs.
Her work has simplicity yet is trendy and cosmopolitan, making it the perfect match for our modern lives.

Lotta Jansdotter
She was born on small island, called Åland, in Scandinavia.  She spent her childhood in Stockholm.  Later, she moved to San Francisco, California, this is where she started her own original brand Lotta Jansdotter in 1996, screen printing her designs on linen products.  Since 1999 she has worked with many different publishers and companies in Japan, creating magazine articles, exhibitions, products lines, and books.
Now she lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and one son.

■Books (in Japanese)
Handmade Living (Shufu no Tomo Seikatsu series, 2002)
Inspiration (Piebooks, 2003)
Lotta’s Travel Style (Shufu no Tomo Seikatsu series, 2004)
Handmade Project (Bunka Publishing Bureau, 2008)
Simple Sewing for Baby (Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, 2010)

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