The works of the illustrator Jun Ichihara and his brand of the same name have appeared in many company promotions and as image characters.  
All of his art is bright and humorous, and will bring a smile to your face with its heart-warming appeal.
In 2009 his original characters were animated and the series has gone global with broadcast in over 100 countries.
He is a sought-after illustrator with a great deal of achievements and is always expanding his efforts, including in 2011 the publication of his book Sugoi Kuruma (Kyoiku Gageki,) which he both illustrated and wrote.

Jun Ichihara
Born in Aichi prefecture.  Graduated from the Design Department of Osaka University of Arts.
Currently living in Yokohama.
Creator of various company advertisements, image characters, books and illustrated goods.
In 2009 an animation was made of some of his original characters which have been broadcast on TV in 100 countries, including Japan.
He is a member of the Japan Children’s Book Artists Society.

■Picture Books
Sugoi Kuruma (Kyoiku Gageki) Written and illustrated by Jun Ichihara
Nikkori Nikoniko (Kodansha) Written by Kazuhito Kazeki / Illustrated by Jun Ichihara
Tsunaide Pazuru Ehon Akachan Docchi?(Shogakukan) Written by Kotomi Wada / Illustrated by Jun Ichihara
Tonneru Kun Kuruma Nanikana?  (Kumon Shuppan) Written by Shozo Yamamoto / Illustrated by Jun Ichihara
…and more!

■Other Accomplishments
PR characters for the shopping mall chain Walk Mall
Creator of Yomiuri TV program characters
Saison Card promotion campaign characters
Housing loan posters for Resona Bank
Matsuya Ginza Department Store campaign characters
Novelty calendar for Panahome
…and more!

Many of Jun Ichihara’s works can be seen on his website.