HOZONHOZON is an art project created by cutting-edge design company Swimmy Design Lab using cans as a motif.
In this world of mass production and high consumption, HOZONHOZON is here to preserve with their illustrations what is crying out to be saved before it goes bad.
HOZONHOZON illustrations are colourful and unique and their can designs are particularly humorous.

For example, the can with whistling in it has the following explanation on the label:
Canned Whistle
Ingredients:  100% Whistle by a happy person
Place of Origin:  An amazing place that cheers you up and makes you want to whistle
Net Weight:  1 whole song
Benefits:  Instantly makes you happy when you're feeling sad
Use by:  Can be used for as long as there is someone feeling sad in the world
Caution:  People who are already happy should avoid using this. It will make you silly. 

There are many more interesting can designs to be found on the HOZONHOZON Facebook page (see link below) 

HOZONHOZON official website( in Japanese, with images)
HOZONHOZON Facebook page (in Japanese, with images) 
Swimmy Design Lab website (in Japanese)