This charming elephant first appeared in the 1931 picture book “The Story of Babar” by French picture book writer Jean de Brunhoff. “The Story of Babar”is based on a bedtime story Brunhoff’s wife Cecile told their two young sons to which Brunhoff added illustrations and text, making it a heart-warming story about Babar, his elephant and other animal friends. After his father’s death, Laurent de Brunhoff continued to write and illustrate the Babar stories. The picture books by Laurent, who inherited his father’s skills, were published along with his father’s works in Japan from 1974 by Hyoronsha with a total of 25 books featuring 20 stories.
There is also one book published by Hakusensha.
In 2012 in France, the country of Babar’s birth, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris is holding a special Babar exhibition to celebrate 80 years since his creation.